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LED Ring light RL4 in four versions and six colours

LED ring lights of the RL-4 series are available in different versions. In addition to the standard versions in six different light colours with or without segment switching, this model is available in two clamping diameters and also as UV and IR versions.
The RL4 series are primarily designed as incident light illuminators for microscopy. The working range of the ring lights is selected so that the focus is at the typical distance between the objective and the object stage of standard microscopes. Both series are available with two inner diameters, so that a suitable model is available for all common microscope types.
Like all products, the RL4 is characterised by the highest quality in materials and workmanship. Electrical and mechanical components are perfectly matched, guaranteeing the professional user the best possible light and easy and safe use.
The LED ring light RL4 was primarily developed as a reflected light for microscopy. For this purpose, it can be attached to objectives with a clamping screw or screwed on thanks to the internal thread. In addition, it is possible to adjust the inner diameter by means of reducing rings. The brightness of the RL4 can be adjusted between 0% and 100% via a rotary knob on the remote stage controller. Thanks to the optimised electronics, there is absolutely flicker-free, homogeneous illumination even at low brightness settings. Due to these constant lighting conditions, the LED ringlights are also suitable as lighting for photo and video shoots. There are no unwanted streaks on the pictures. 


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