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Notes on updates of the Metric software and USB drivers

ATTENTION: If you need an update for a Metric on a computer with Windows 7 you can NOT use the installations available in the download. Please get in contact with us. We can help you with an installation Metric 9.03, which can be taken on the Windows 7 computer with all functions in operation.

Here you will find access to the USB drivers for interfaces, cameras and controllers for the different Metric versions. In the Metric - Updates section you can get a free update for the Metric if you use a 9-digit or 14-digit serial number.

Please be sure to follow the instructions that you will find in the documentation "Converting Metric to Windows 10". Among other things, it is important that you deactivate the USB energy saving measures in the device manager as soon as you use a new PC. Please also pay attention to the notes regarding the Virtual Store if you create more than one user in the PC, as otherwise the calibration file (Metric.opt) may not function correctly.

If you would like to access the help videos for the Metric, please send us a short e-mail. We will then immediately send you the login data for this area.

Note: Before you migrate a currently calibrated system with the Metric measuring software to a new PC, first save the "Metric.opt" and, if used, the "Metric2.opt". Start Metric and go to the "Settings" section. There you save the settings "Metric.opt" and, if used, "Metric2.opt" with the destination USB stick. As soon as you have installed the Metric and drivers on the new PC and the system starts correctly, go back to the "Settings" area and load the "Settings" (from the USB stick) and save them under C/Programmes (x86)/Metric.

Data sheets, download drivers and download updates for the Metric measuring software:

Metric Updates


Metric migration to Windows 10 (PDF)


WINDOWS10 - User Account Control

Finding hidden files (Virtual Store) in Windows 10 (PDF)

Metric MT-KMT for Heidenhain TNC (PDF)

Configuring DC-HI-NET (PDF)

USB Energy settings Camera issues (PDF)

USB power supply (PDF)

Protocol for CAQ interface (PDF)

ATTENTION: Important notes when installing the HASP USB dongle:

Installation notes for Sentinel HASP Dongle