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Measuring scales with black or white graduation for measuring magnifiers


Here you will find replacement measuring scales for PEAK, F & C and KIMAG-10 measuring magnifiers as well as for the RL series of crack magnifiers. For the PEAK 7x, PEAK 10x and KIMAG-10 measuring magnifiers, 14 different scales are available in white and black. For the other magnifications from 15x to 30x, there is only a limited selection of additional scales.

Please note that the graduated glasses are not completely black or white. Only the graduations themselves are either black or white. The surface representation in white or black only serves to make the graduations easier to recognize on the screen (black surface = white graduation - white surface = black graduation). The scales of the RL and RL-B crack magnifiers are made of stainless steel. The graduations are engraved on these scales using a laser.