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Custom-made scales for magnifiers and calibrations

Welcome to our online store for optical measuring technology! We offer you the possibility to produce customized measuring scales for installation in measuring magnifiers as well as for calibration purposes. From a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces, we will be happy to prepare a quote for you. The average delivery time for custom-made products is 6 weeks. The production of glass scales according to your specifications is also no problem in many cases. Glass scales can even be produced as one-off items.

To prepare a quotation, we require a PDF drawing and a DXF or step file of your desired geometry. The line thicknesses must be clear from the drawings in order to precisely implement your specific ideas.

The geometry is vapor-deposited in hard chrome to ensure a highly precise and durable measuring scale. Accuracies vary depending on glass thickness, geometry and glass thickness and are between 1 µm and 3 µm. The glass used is "soda lime glass/utra white glass/B270/K9".

Please note that custom-made products cannot be returned for credit. However, we are always available to ensure that your individual requirements are met.

If you need customized measuring scales, you've come to the right place. Contact us for your personalized quote and receive high-quality measuring scales that meet your exact requirements. In order to process your request correctly, we require a PDF drawing and a DXF file, as previously mentioned. The following information is important for us to provide you with an offer as quickly as possible:

Accuracy requirements

Glass thickness

Size tolerances

Line thicknesses

Position of the motif on or under the glass:

for calibration purposes, the standard is on the glass surface
for graticules in measuring magnifiers or glass scales for length measurement under the glass surface


Positive motif: The motif is visible as a coating - all other areas are transparent
Negative motif: The motif is transparent - all other areas are coated

Chrome color of the coating:

pure white
others on request

Minimum order quantity:

Glass scales: 1 piece
Reticles: 10 pieces

Delivery time: 4 - 6 weeks