ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 14001:2015 - ISO 37301:2021 - ISO 37001:2018 - SA 8000:2014 - ECOVADIS
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Delphi microscope for metallurgical materials testing


Cutting-edge technology for demanding materials science applications. The ergonomic design and outstanding modern objectives make the Delphi-X Observer the ideal microscope for demanding materials science applications. The 25 mm field of view of the eyepieces and the planapochromatic objectives allow observations with perfect color reproduction and high resolution. The Delphi-X Observer™ comes standard with BD 5x/0.15 BD 20 mm, 10x/0.30 WD 11 mm, and 20x/0.45 WD 3.1 mm planapochromatic objectives, and BD 50x/0.80 WD 1 mm and 100x/0.90 WD 1 mm planapochromatic objectives with infinity correction for brightfield/darkfield.

The Extended Infinity System (EIS) of the Delphi-X Observer™ consists of super wide-angle SFWF eyepieces (10x/25 mm), high numerical aperture parfocal objectives (45 mm) and a 200 mm focal length tube objective. The 200 mm focal length tube objective reduces the angle of light rays passing through the optics. This results in a significant improvement in color error correction and contrast. The larger diameter lenses have a much higher numerical aperture, improving the overall resolving power of the optical system. With all these features, the Delphi-X Observer™ offers outstanding optical performance for demanding applications.

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