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Zoom lenses with superior performance


The Resolv4K lens series has been completely redesigned to achieve a massive increase in the use of modern sensors with higher pixel densities. Numerous upper optical adapter options allow users to use a range of sensors that can be 1/2", APS and larger formats. At the front zoom end, complex lens attachments (attachment lenses) allow users the best of both worlds: While the small magnifications of the lens attachments allow for large fields of view without loss of illumination, the high magnifications give microscope-like resolution at extremely long working distances. The Resolv4K objective is not only designed for higher axial colour correction of the visible wavelength, but also features significantly improved wavelength focusing thanks to the VisNIR and SWIR options. Lens attachments for larger apertures increase the usable field of view (FOV) for coaxial illumination options.
The combination of the Resolv4K's large field of view with exceptional objective resolution and high pixel density sensors results in faster image capture of a larger image area, making it excellent for rapid inspection and precision measurement applications. A 400 - 600% larger field of view compared to traditional zoom systems. The Resolv4K lens series has coating options for visible (VIS), VisNIR and SWIR wavelengths. 
The visible wavelength options provide improved axial colour correction compared to existing zoom lenses. The VisNIR (visible to near infrared) option enables precise surface inspection in the deep blue, while inspection below the surface is performed at 1100 nm without refocusing or loss of light intensity. Using SWIR (shortwave infrared radiation), even deeper surface penetration is achieved to detect food damage and defects in silicon wafer inspection, among other applications. The Resolv4K series offers significantly more resolving power, providing a 400-600% larger field of view without any loss of detail compared to conventional zoom imaging. There is therefore no need to merge multiple images through multiple exposures.
The higher numerical aperture (NA) of Resolv4K, together with better aberration correction, allow more precise measurement capabilities than ever before. Even when comparing the highest zoom level, 4.5x, with the 12x zoom system, the Resolv4K design delivers outstanding performance, as shown, for example, by the black and white edge transitions in subsequent contrast transfer functions. System performance is maintained right into the corners of the sensor so that multiple relevant areas can be measured, regardless of position in the field of view (FOV). Your edge detection software will detect the difference. 
Below you will find the link to download the documentation with further technical data and the overview of available components.