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Watchmaker loupes from 3x to 20x magnification


Many, particularly cheep watchmaker's loupes are available. However when using a watchmaker's loupe you should ensure that it has high quality optical lenses. Otherwise your eyes will fatigue very quickly and headaches can result from continuous use. Our PEAK watchmaker's loupes with 13 dioptres up to true 80 dioptres, use such superior lenses A bi-convex lens is used for models with 13 to 26 dioptres. Beginning with model 2048-A40D a second, removable bi-convex white glass (crown glass) lens is used. Further versions from 48 dioptres to 80 dioptres have coated, achromatic white glass lenses. All housings have a hole to prevent the lenses from fogging up on the inside. All have an aluminium housing with matt black enamel finish.

All of our PEAK watchmaker's loupes have been produced with an additional holder and adjustable headband. This highly facilitates use, because it is no longer necessary to "pinch" the watchmaker's loupe under your eye brow. This simple and ingenious improvement allows relaxed work. When the watchmaker's loupe is no longer required, it can simply be moved to the forehead without setting it down.. This saves time and prevents damage or soiling the lens at the workplace. The watchmaker's loupe can be removed from the clamping ring and held in your hand.


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