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About the foundation, activity and shareholders of Kitotec

Optical measuring and testing technology is our passion. We supply optical products from the simple but high quality linen tester over the precision measuring magnifier up to the video microscope with HDMI or USB camera and measuring software. These very extensive programs are complemented by the area of length measurement by means of glass scales or the 'Electronic Scale'. For self-assembly we offer a program of optical lenses. In addition, there are lenses, illumination systems, mounts, cross tables and tripods. 
Custom made stands with special manual or motorized cross measuring stages for 2D measurement are as important to us as supplying a replacement scale for a measuring magnifier. The message is that we dedicate ourselves to the "small" orders as precisely as to the expensive special production. 
Kitotec GmbH was founded in 2013 and started manufacturing and distributing KITOZOOM video microscopes. In 2018, the distribution of Japanese magnifiers and microscopes of the brands "Specwell" and "PEAK" was taken over by another German company. We permanently add new products to our offer, focusing not on price or quantity, but on quality and technical characteristics of the products.
The shareholder of Kitotec GmbH is 100% Kinetronics Europe GmbH, whose sales activity is the sale of antistatic products for the industry. Kinetronics products have been sold in the cinema and photographic industry since 1973. The industrial products for static dissipation were developed in the late 90s and since then they have become a byword for quality and efficiency in the fight against static.
Another related company is Hermann Rosorius Ingenieurbüro GmbH with the trademark "Centromat". Centromat supplies accessories for welding technology, the first prototypes of which were manufactured as early as 1949. The internal and external centering devices "Made in Germany" are mainly used in the fields of pipeline, tank and ship construction.
All three companies moved to the new location in Meckenheim near Bonn in 2016. This has created considerable synergies, as products from two or even all three companies in our Group are always of interest to our customers. In addition, we share a lot of equipment, which is why we can work much more efficiently and, above all, more sustainably.