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Costs for the loan of an Electronic Scale


In order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our devices, we ask you to observe the following instructions if you require a loaner device from us during the period of recalibration or repair of your Electronic Scale:

In order to meet our high standards and liability requirements, it is necessary that a comprehensive check and re-calibration is carried out after each loan of an Electronic Scale. These important measures ensure the accuracy and reliability of the equipment. The associated costs for the loan of the ES-1000-10 are as follows:

- Loan fee Electronic Scale ES-1000-10 (order number LG-ES-ESM): Euro 150,--
- Preparation of a new factory test report (order number ES-KAL-40): Euro 450,--
- Inspection and cleaning costs (order number AG-REP): Euro 150,--
These costs serve not only to comply with legal regulations regarding our factory test report, but also to ensure the quality of our services. We would like to emphasize that it occasionally happens that rental equipment is damaged during use. In such cases, we reserve the right to charge the corresponding repair costs separately.
We thank you for your understanding, which helps to ensure the efficiency and reliability of our equipment.

We are aware that the cost of borrowing an Electronic Scale may seem comparatively high. Nevertheless, it is essential to carry out the inspection and recalibration due to the liability for the factory test report. Thank you for your understanding.

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