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Classic microscopes as binocular and trinocular with USB camera for industry


As a supplement to our zoom optics with USB and HDMI cameras, we offer some stereo microscopes for industrial parts inspection and metallurgy. Due to the good and long-standing cooperation with the company Euromex, we have decided to include their microscopes in our sales program.

In this category you will find a specific selection of microscopes for industrial applications. All models are available in trinocular version for optional use of our USB 3.0 camera 5M-C with measuring software Metric or the HDMI camera KITOCAM.

For part inspection or measurements with larger fields of view, we offer four models of the NexiusZoom series in standard or ESD versions. Our range is completed by four very high quality microscopes for metallurgy.

Due to the very extensive product range of Euromex, we do not carry all models in our store. We have concentrated our selection on the high-end models for industrial applications. If you need a special version of Euromex, please send us a separate request, which we will process immediately.