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Interface for data transmission


To transfer the position data from measuring systems to the Metric measuring software, we need an interface. Different interfaces are used to read out the position data from measuring systems such as Heidenhain, RSF and Fagor. The basic difference is whether the interface must be designed for incremental measuring systems with rectangular voltage signal TTL / RS422 or for incremental measuring systems with sinusoidal voltage signal 1 Vpp. Then we need to know how many measuring systems are to be connected. When retrofitting systems, an adapter cable is almost always needed between the transducer/plug and the interface. For measuring systems with TTL signal, the interface is supplied with an additional power supply. For a correct quotation, please send us a picture of the type plate of the measuring system as well as a picture of the connector (with view of the pins).

CAQ connection
Another important subject these days is the transfer of measurement data into a CAQ system. Besides an interface for QDAS/QSTAT, we offer the DC-HI-NET from Steinwald with the appropriate driver software for Metric. The connection of the DC-HI-NET to CAQ-/SPC programs is supported by the following manufacturers (among others):
AHP, Babtec, Böhme & Weihs, CAQ, CAT, Consic, COSMINO, Eilebrecht SSE, Freudenberg IT, Gewatec, GUARDUS, GRP, Hekatec, Hommel-Etamic/JENOPTIK, IBS, IBS-Sinic, IB-Seteq, IDOS QMS, InQu, IQ'S, Jessen Lenz, Kronion, L&W, Mitutoyo, MPDV, KITOTEC GmbH, Promess, Pickert & Partner, Q-DAS, QSC, QUIPSY, SAP, SCIIL, Siemens (SISW), Solvtec, SYNCOS, Wonderware, X-Team, Zeiss IMT

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