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Special designs for measuring and testing tasks

Zoom systems: If the magnification needs to be changed during an inspection or measurement process, the use of a ratchet zoom system is much more user-friendly compared to microscopes with fixed focal lengths. The systems offer a very large zoom range or field of view and an impressive working distance that does not need to be changed within the zoom range.

A ratchet zoom system consists of the actual zoom optics (0.12x or 5x), an adapter with an intermediate optic of 3.5x to 3.5x, the C-Mount adapter and the camera. It is assembled based on your requirements or based on a joint test carried out at your workshops. The zoom range (magnification and field of view) can be changed by supplementary lenses. The supplementary lenses decide the working distance, magnification, and field of view, whereas the adapter at the top only changes the magnification and field of view.

The supplementary lenses are available with magnifications of 0.25x, 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x and 2x. The zoom lens without a supplementary lens is calculated as 1x. The working distances which this gives range between 356 mm and 36 mm. The individual click stops are calibrated and stored in the Metric. On the 12000 series zoom lenses, there are a total of fourteen ratchet steps. This number is multiplied by each supplementary lens used.

Besides this the magnification and field of vision can be affected by selecting different chip sizes of the USB cameras. When assembling the system the first thing to determined is which fields of vision or magnifications are required. Then the components can be assembled based on the matrix.

For a high degree of process reliability we recommend the use of motorized zoom systems, since with these it is impossible to forget to switch the lens . This changeover is made automatically when the measurement system is changed in the measurement software. When doing so the zoom system is switched by a stepping motor. The zoom lenses can be provided either with or without a coaxial light reflection as desired. Optionally, a polarizing filter can be integrated. A special option of this kit is that double camera systems can be built with two different zoom ranges. This way, one zoom range for quick overview and another for detailed inspections in a system are combined. In connection with two monitors, this facilitates inspection tasks.

If desired the Z axis can be supplied motorized (with or without a measurement system). It is mounted for quick adjustment on a pre-cision guide. The axes are available in lengths of 100 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm travel-/measurement range. Positioning is via a joystick or the keyboard. A wide range of manual positioning tables, X Y measurement tables in manual or motorized versions up to a travel- / measuring range of 600 x 600 mm, as well as tripods on aluminum or granite bases, give a multitude of applications. Assemble your system together with us and enjoy the easy mode of operation and excellent image quality.