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Why no B2C delivery?

If you would like to buy from us as a private individual, we are unfortunately unable to fulfill this wish. The requirements of the German and European bureaucracy hell have meanwhile taken on proportions that a small company like ours can no longer fully meet for reasons of cost, risk and personnel. Here are just a few examples:

  • Packaging law - special regulations for B2C
  • EAR Foundation - special regulations for B2C
  • DSGVO regulations - almost impossible to meet for B2C
  • Returns - not feasible for our expensive products
  • Instruction manuals in 25 languages
  • Special rules for VAT in the EU
  • REACH, ROHS, CE, GS and their legal risks for B2C
  • depending on product class registrations in all countries of the EU
  • FiSaLis review (regarding terror financing/support)
  • Ensuring compliance with embargoes
  • and the many other legal details in difference to B2B

We ask for your understanding and remain

with kind regards

Kitotec GmbH