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Waste report for 2022


A standard 240 liter paper garbage can (green garbage can) is collected monthly by RSAG GmbH, which is on average 50% full. The total volume of paper and cardboard thus amounts to circa 1,200 L/year.


Monthly a standard plastic garbage can 240 liters (yellow garbage can) is collected by RSAG GmbH which is on average 40% full. Our plastic waste (foils ect.) thus results in a quantity of circa 960 L./year.

Residual waste:

A standard plastic bin120 liters (black garbage can) is collected monthly by RSAG GmbH. Our residual waste thus results in a quantity of 1,440 L/year.

Electronic waste:

Properly disposed of by RSAG GmbH. Our electrical waste amounted to a quantity of circa 50 kg.

Metal scrap:

Is returned to the recycling loop at 100%. There was steel and aluminum waste with a weight of circa 100 kg.


Properly disposed of by RSAG GmbH. The accumulation of batteries or accumulators amounted to circa 3 kg.


The amount of wastewater was 30 m³.


Our CO₂ emissions from the heating system in 2022 were: 4.41 tons of CO₂.


Our CO₂ emissions from two passenger cars were equivalent to 2.92 tons of CO₂ in 2022.

Rail travel:

Our CO₂ emissions from rail travel were equivalent to approximately: 0.5 metric tons of CO₂ in 2022.

Air travel:

There was no travel by air.


The total purchase of electricity of 3,833 KW by the company E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH takes place within the framework of a new contract (tariff E.ON Komfortstrom Plus) to 100% from renewable energies.


In addition, we would like to inform you that the above figures do not only apply to Kitotec GmbH but also include the data of the two affiliated companies Kinetronics Europe GmbH and Hermann Rosorius Ing. GmbH. We are very pleased that we have been able to reduce the amount of waste and emissions so much in the last few years.

Meckenheim, 01.04.2023 Peter Müller (Managing Director)